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From matter to sound

Photo présentation.jpeg

Photo Jean-Marc Lesage

By Chantal Stigliani
(translated by Sergio Herrera)
Pianist-concert performer
Founder of Philomuses et Pixis

As a child, Helene was already playing with the earth, kneading and mixing it to give it form. I suppose, while singing… to Helene, this association is natural. The various structures that ensue from this are amazing: Helene is able to bring out the most beautiful of faces from a ball of clay, whose expression immediately evokes the model. She knows how to capture a glance, a smile, and better yet, the soul of the person she sculpts. Such a small miracle can only take place when the artist has the gift and expertise to breathe life into a work. 

Naturally, from bust to sculpture, sculptography was imposed by this need to breathe life into forms: Helene has invented a show in three dimensions where statues, poetry, and music are linked while projected shadows dance, creating a timeless universe and immaterial in space. This new transdisciplinary form that she has created is unforgettable.

Give her brushes and portraits appear, ready to speak… Ask her for jewelry and she’ll find the subject, form, size, and material you dreamt of. Always gracefully ethereal…

What’s the border between sculpting and sound? Like all angels, she has a beautiful voice that allows her to record melodies composed by Narcis, the love of her life! Their shared energy transcends art. 

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